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We are currently Self-Funding this project, if you would like to help, please do so by clicking the link to the right!

Thank you in advance.


Making a documentary is considerably more affordable than filming a feature film.

However, we still have some of the same expenses, such as:  travel, equipment, production assistants, grips, make-up, meals for our crew, etc.  And, of course, we must pay talent and experts for their time.

And, as much as we would love to tell you we are independently wealthy and have no need for fundraising, unfortunately we have limited resources.  

We have, up to now, been funding the project by taking on extra production work; but we realize this is not a perfect solution as more work for other projects translates to less time spent on Make It Stop.  Which is why we made the decision to go public with our project and begin fundraising. 

Please consider make a donation to help with our production costs.