Why are we making this film?

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Why are we making this film?


Do you think someone just wakes up one morning and says, “I’m going to abuse somebody today?”  Perhaps it does happen like that, on the rare occasion.  But, most abusers hurt others because they themselves were hurt by someone.  It is a viscous cycle perpetuated, in part, by society’s indifference toward its victims as well as its perpetrators.


 And while today there are more advocacy groups, charities, victim support groups, counselors specializing in abuse, women’s shelters, hotlines and volunteers dedicated to Domestic Violence than any other time in our history, still the disposition of society as a whole remains the same with regard to the subject. We question why the victims stay, or whether they brought the abuse on themselves.  Most of us react with the appropriate amount of appallment when it is thrust in our faces by national media because a celebrity or famous athlete is caught acting out his rage in public.  


Some of us will even reveal a personal story of abuse when the subject comes up in conversation.  But, after the 48-hour news cycle has moved on to the next scandal or impending catastrophe, the greater percentage will avoid the subject altogether, until such time as it is renewed by yet another recognizable name falling under yet another egregious accusation.  All the while, people just like you and me are suffering in silence every day.  Men, women and children; poor, middle-class and wealthy; anonymous and famous alike, no one is impervious to abuse.  


Which is why everyone must work together for a solution.  


Why are we making this film?  Because, as individuals, we can make a difference in the lives we touch. However, if we can bring people together with a single goal of prevention; as a society, we can MAKE IT STOP.