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MIS Montage

If you have seen one documentary on Domestic Violence, you’ve seen them all… right?

Domestic Violence. Child Abuse. Intimate Partner Violence. Bullying.  Certain images come to mind when we hear these terms. Pictures of women with blackened eyes, broken noses and swollen lips. The child who cowers to unexpected loud noises.  The neighbor down the street who receives regular visits from the local police.  These are the images splashed across billboards, in PSA’s and in click-thru ads on your favorite website as part of the national awareness campaign.  These are the images used as a backdrop on the evening news when your favorite local anchor reports on the latest domestic disturbance.  These are the images portrayed in day-time television, prime-time crime dramas, and film.  

These images immediately come to mind, because they embody everything we know about the subject.  And while these images are proven to motivate and spread awareness, there are so many other aspects of domestic abuse that we rarely discuss.  The information is out there; the statistics have been published in every credible newspaper.  Still, the greatest impacts of pervasive domestic abuse remains, for the most part, in obscurity, as nothing more than a statistic.  

Our documentary focuses on those obscurities.  We are going to give you a new image for abuse.  We are going to show you the side of abuse the awareness campaigns have left forgotten.  And once you’ve seen it, once you truly understand it, perhaps then, you, too, will be ready to help us Make It Stop.